Canyon Gold Corp. acquires Marshall Thomsen as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CanyonGold.
Marshall Thomsen is a development stage company that has not yet commenced active operations.  The referenced business plan represents Marshall Thomsen management's best assessment of its planned operations. Click here to read about Marshall Thomsen's offering (PDF).

Canyon Gold Corp. (OTC-QB “CGCC”)

Canyon Gold Corp. (CanyonGold) is a US corporation trading on the US OTC market (OTC-QB “CGCC”).

CanyonGold is a gold exploration company which owns 30 mineral lease claims and has optioned 280 mineral lease claims for a total of 10.3 sections, approximately 6,613 acres, situated on the mineral-rich NE-SW ‘Long Canyon Trend’ on the range to the immediate west of the Pequop Mountains in the Spruce Ridge area of Nevada – a region experiencing vast new gold discoveries.

CanyonGold plans to explore its claims for a large tonnage Carlin-type of gold deposit.

CanyonGold’s Exploration. With completion of its phase one exploration and delivery of the extensive Geological Report prepared consistent with Canadian Securities NI 43.101 Technical Report requirements. The findings on the claims as given in the report recommend continuation with the planned Phase Two exploration program.

CanyonGold’s Expansion Plans. Canyon Gold plans to increase its claim holdings in the Long Canyon Trend - Spruce Ridge area through summer 2013 by exercising an existing property lease options, subject to financing.

CanyonGold’s Team. As a relative newcomer to the mineral exploration field, CanyonGold has assembled an accomplished executive management team, with experienced professionals on its Board of Advisors. As the company and its operations grow the company continues to seek out experienced professionals to augment its Board and Advisory Committee.

The success of other exploration companies exploring on properties surrounding CanyonGold’s leased properties has confirmed the exceptional gold deposits potential to become a major Nevada gold producer in the coming years.

Canyon Gold's Corp.'s Philosophy is to build sustained shareholder value through expansion, exploration and discovery of Carlin-type gold deposits.


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2014-07-11 9:15 AM EST
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